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iqoncept / 123RF Stock PhotoADDA’s Webinars/Teleclasses have been such a hit that we’re offering classes throughout the year! Teleclasses will run for an hour, on Wednesday nights starting at 9:00 PM EST. The classes have been expanded, from a phone-based program to a Webinar format. Now members will also have the ability to login online, via a link we provide, to chat with other participants and view the slides as the presenter is scrolling through them. Attendees will be able to send their questions to the speaker via the Web and hear them answered live.

How to Attend

Webinars are offered as an ADDA Member Benefit. The URL to sign-up and receive the information and handouts for each webinar will be available for members when logged into their accounts.

You can register once logged into your ADDA account. On the left side of your webpage there is a nav bar with a tab that has "Just for Members." You would click on that tab which takes you to all the information you need as an ADDA member. To sign up for the webinar just scroll down to the 2013-14 webinars and click the link and you will see all the replays and any information to sign up for future webinars. If you have any questions, please email

Not a member? Join today for as low as $50 (individual member rate) and gain access to the 2013 series as well as archived files of our previous webinar/teleclass series.

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2014 ADDA Webinar Schedule

Date and TimeSession TitleRegister

November 26, 2014
9PM Eastern, 8PM Central, 6PM Pacific


No Webinar This Week - Celebrate Thanksgiving with your family!
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December 10, 2014
9PM Eastern, 8PM Central, 6PM Pacific


What's Your ADHD Story? Reframe Your Narrative, Change Your Life

 - with Dr. Billi Bittan
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2014 ADDA "Taste of the Conference"


Date and TimeSession TitleRegister

June 10, 2014

ADDA Conference “Taste Test” Webinars - with a number of Conference speakers

Click here for Replay of Webinar.

June 12, 2014

Continuing with the ADDA Conference “Taste Test” Webinars - with a number of Conference speakers

Click here for Replay of Webinar.


If You Liked the "Taste Test" and Wish You’d Been There, Get the Recording!


ADDA’s 25th Anniversary Conference (held July 24-27, 2014) was phenomenal! Four days (including a full day of preconference workshops and sessions on July 24th!), with four fabulous keynote speakers and over 50 breakout sessions! Add to that numerous special events, such as the past and present board members panel, the Saturday night Gala with a panel discussion on 25 years of adult ADHD with Sari Solden, Dr. Ned Hallowell and Dr. Thomas Brown all in celebration of 25 years of ADDA! It was a celebration of one of the most creative, impulsive, adventurous tribes on Earth all gathered to share the latest research and up-to-the-minute, leading-edge strategies for succeeding with adult ADHD.


And we’ve got it all on tape! (Well, not “tape,” really, but you know what we mean…

What's Your ADHD Story? Reframe Your Narrative, Change Your Life

“We are what we believe we are.” - C.S. Lewis Throughout life, we all inherit images and thought patterns about ourselves, which we internalize as an evolving storyline. These story lines represent our identities and serve as the foundation of beliefs upon which we build our lives. They shape who we are and what we think we are capable of. A significant part of managing ADHD involves creating sustainable behavioral changes that compensate for specific challenges. However, we must believe we are capable of change before we can create or sustain it. Essentially, we must reframe our personal narratives to improve our confidence – the emotional groundwork that lays the foundation for change.

Discover how to use healing life narratives as an effective tool to rewrite your personal ADHD story by reconstructing the past, examining/changing the present and envisioning the future. Learn how the power of storytelling can reframe your mindset, boost self-confidence and enhance your propensity to create sustainable behavioral changes by challenging your current perspective about yourself and ADHD.

More about the Presenter

Dr. Billi Bittan


Dr. Billi Bittan, MA, PhD, is an ADHD Specialist, Neuro-Cognitive Behavioral/Expressive Arts Therapist and Coach. Her private practice, AttentionB, specializes in innovative therapy/coaching for ADHD. With 35 years combined experience in physical education, pedagogy and expressive therapies, she developed the Leverage ADHD System™ to empower others to transform their ADHD challenges into valuable assets. Dr. Billi is the author of Be the Chief Executive of Your Executive Functions and co-authored numerous books, including Mastering the Art of Success with Jack Canfield, Roadmap to Success with Deepak Chopra, and the #1 best-selling ADHD Awareness book series. An established speaker, she has spoken extensively regarding ADHD, including past ACO and ADDA conferences, ADDA webinars, Expressive Therapies Summit, Vibrant Brain Summit, local CHADD events, Northridge Hospital, Fusion Academy, and she appears regularly as a featured guest at the Succeed with ADHD Telesummit.

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