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ADDA’s 25th Anniversary Conference starts this week, July 25, 2014 (with a full day of preconference sessions on July 24th!), and it will be the best ADDA Conference ever!  We’re celebrating 25 years of ADDA, we’re celebrating one of the most creative, impulsive, adventurous tribes on Earth and we’re sharing the latest research and up-to-the-minute, leading-edge strategies for succeeding with adult ADHD.  We’ve got four keynote speakers, special panel discussions, numerous special events and over 50 breakout sessions of the best and brightest speakers in adult ADHD today.

You Hate to Miss Anything

Sometimes, we’re faced with choices we don’t want to make.  (I don’t want cake OR ice cream!  I want both!)  I’ve never met an adult with ADHD who didn’t LOVE the ADDA Conference, so I know you’d be coming if you could.  But if you can’t be at the ADDA Conference, we’ve got great news!  You don’t have to miss out on the great information we’ll be sharing at the Conference.


And even if you are coming to the Conference, you’re facing a dilemma too!  How to choose which one of the numerous simultaneous sessions you should go to (Oh, curses, if only you could be in more than one place at a time!)?  How can you tear yourself away from the impromptu discussion you started in the hall with three new friends and (OMG!) Sari Solden because there’s a session you don’t want to miss!?  IF ONLY you could be exactly where you want to be AND be sure you’re not missing anything at the same time!

You Really Can Have It All!

We’ve solved the problem!  We’re recording everything!  That’s right, every keynote speech, every breakout session, every special panel and more.  We’re making audio recordings of every minute of the Conference!  If you’re attending the Conference, you can buy your recordings on site, so you can pick the sessions you want – you really don’t have to miss a thing!  And if you’re unable to attend the Conference but you still want all that great information, you can also buy the recordings.  You can purchase recording for each session separately (although that’s more expensive – buying the entire Conference one session at a time would cost over $700!), but to get the best deal…


The absolute biggest bang for the buck is to buy the entire package for one low price.  After the Conference (as of July 28), purchase downloadable recordings of the entire Conference for $167!  (If you’re attending the Conference, you can buy the entire package for $129 on site.)  And there’s an even better deal if you’re ready to buy now!

Preorder Your Recordings and Save

You know you want the entire package of recordings of the 25th Anniversary ADDA Conference – now you can pre-order the entire Conference for $110!  Pay today and download the audio recordings of the entire Conference on July 28, and save $57, just like that.


You know you want ‘em! J  Even the recording of a session you personally attended will come in handy (for those parts you forgot or to help you fill in the gaps where your notes are completely illegible or – gasp! – you weren’t paying attention!)  ADDA members can save even more! (If you’re an ADDA member, check the email address you use for ADDA membership communication, because that’s where you’ll receive your coupon code to save an additional 10%!)

How to Order Your Recordings

Make your purchase on our audio recording partner’s site by following these instructions:

1.   Visit the ADDA Recordings Library online at

2.   Create an account (this is separate from your ADDA membership account.)

3.   Log in with the username and password you just created.

4.   Add your desired package and/or individual sessions to your shopping cart.

5.   Proceed to checkout to process your order and make your payment.

6.   Find your purchased files downloadable in your account library (As of July 28, 2014!)

You Can Even Order the Preconferences!

Although these are not part of the ADDA Conference and so aren’t part of the Conference package, we are also offering discounts if you’d like to purchase recordings of the ADDA Preconference sessions before the Conference:

·         PC14-1 Managing ADHD in the Workplace

·         PC14-2 ADHD and The Justice System

·         PC14-3 ADHD and College Issues

·         PC14-4 ADHD in the Family

·         PC14-6 All About Coaching Preconference

Preordering discounts are not available for audio recordings on CD-ROM, but if you prefer a “hard copy” of your recordings on disc, you can also order them from our audio recording partners, Digital Conference Providers site.   

Whether you preorder or not, we invite you to visit to see the complete selection!  Order early and save!  ADDA members, save even more!  If you’re an ADDA member, ask us ( for your coupon code.  If you’re not an ADDA member, why not? J

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